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With news of a prospective new season of BlackAdder being written, and with anything possible fot the series, I decided to make something good out oft is First of April

Disclaimer: This is just a joke. I hope jokes are allowed.


This the fool that is April.


“That which does not kill me, makes me stronger.” This saying is attributed to Frederick Nietzsche, the famed German philosopher who died in 1900, a year after he saw a goat beaten up to death. Interestingly, Nietzsche also theorized the “Eternal Returns”, suggesting that everything was continuous one way or the other, ultimately suggesting that the Universe repeated itself unto infinitum where, after it’s eventual Big Crunch, it’ll revert back to the a Big Bang bigger then Zaphod’s. But, of course, Eternally returning is more related to normal life, as we eternally return home everyday from the humdrum that is life itself.

In any case, the Japanese have once again, as always, repeated a common conundrum of theirs. The Japanese, a people that is often considered to be vastly patriotic and proud of their language, seeing their language, culture, ideas and heritage as being vastly superior toward others, suiting their rising sun (like Zarathustra’s) still give in towards aping Western eyes. The Meiji restoration, after all, brought tea and biscuits to the Japanese, Hitler later gave them fascism, and yes, Betty Boop gave them ridiculously big eyes. More often then not, though, it has been commonly observed that Britishness is very much lacking in Japanese culture. For one thing, the Japanese have copied the Americans so much that they have lost what it means to be truly funny, relying instead, on exaggerated versions of gross, in-your-face American humour.

But no more. From the same guys who made the Poirot anime, and from the same guy who made the Excel Saga manga, both in anime and manga format, with the manga coming out in Young King Ours, one of Britain’s Finest returns after a fateful ordeal in No Man’s Land at the start of the 20th century, and also after manipulating events at its end. Yes gentlemen. Rowan Atkinson is back. In an anime. BlackAdder: the Anime.

The BlackAdder anime’s plotline looks rather convoluted, but is actually a witty take on the crap that is most anime genres, plus a nod to some actual good stuff, and so on.

The story begins with the latest descent of Black adder, BlackAdder III(three), not to be confused with BlackAdder the Third, who, to avoid said confusion, goes about by his Japanese name of “Kurorochi”. Yes gentleman: BlackAdder is now half-English, Half-Japanese. However, sicne BlackAdder is always BlackAdder, he must retain his voice; which he does in the anime. In this story, he has fallen further from grace, as with every successor to the lineage, and is now a poor cram student trying to get his accented, perfect-spoken English arse (in a land of horrible Engrish) into Oxford University. His associate is Baldrick, who now works at a sushi bar, which, at the start of the show, fires him for actually selling sushi when he wa supposed to be cleaning the septic tank.

A loser as always, BlackAdder’s life changes when one day, he is surrounded by a bevy of girls who are willing to do anything for him (much to his delight), he is made the pilot of a robot that only he can pilot (which he doesn’t like), he has mastered a specific fighting style, which makes beating up Baldrick easier (and thus keeps him happy), he is the captain of his school’s soccer team, and can do a special move that is not possible in actual footie games (which he wonders how he got it in the first place) and soon, realises that every one of the girls around him starts writing gay stories about him and Baldrick (which he realises isn‘t really new). At the same time, Melchett, now Merkatta-sama and Darling, now starter of Japanese cosmetics giant Dar-ringu, have finally found out the truth of BlackAdder, and have decided to act out his revenge against him. Problem is, they now have a new problem, who is also a problem to Blackadder: a cosplaying eccentric female, by the name of Éclair Excellent, who is head over heels on both Edmund and Baldrick. At the same time, visual K rocker, Flash appears and tries to steal her heart, but for the first time, she refuses. Meanwhile, a journalist from the BBC makes his guest debut as a man sent to secretly find out more about the Japanese Defence Force, and later ends up loving Japan, saying that he was “Wrong about Japan.”

And all that is just the first episode of the new BlackAdder anime. Soon, BlackAdder will experience anything close to everything that is seen in anime. In Episode 3, “EXAGERRATIVE ATTACK ! STUPID ENTRY TITLE !!” BlackAdder gets bombarded by girls with giant sweat drops appearing on their hair when they’re exasperated, and with blood veins popping to mysterious resemble a hex* sign, “SCHOOL AND HENTAI”, when BlackAdder is besieged by legions of tentacles, groping him and his new partner Éclair, disappearing only when Baldrick pulls down his underpants. The robot that he pilots will prove to be pivotal to the series, as it is powered by various powers, and is capable of wielding and distributing powers, much to the delight of the great powerful nations, led by powerful men who desire much power. This episode, titled “DAMN THE GUNS !” will see much angst and hatred, mostly not from BlackAdder, as they scream and cry and try to make giant robots look more serious then they actually are. And I could go on, and on, but the entire series proves to be a romp.

But if anyone fears that original British humour from the original show has disappeared, fear not. BlackAdder will, as always be, Blackadder. Wether he is a Prince of the Realm, an Enlightenment butler, a World War 1 Captain, or a lonely loser in a cram school, Blackadder will always be one thing: a bastard. You just have to marvel at it when, as the very first opens with BlackAdder opening his results slip, only to recite, in a tired voice, as he says to Baldrick “My examiners had to be either Tomo, a Dick and a Harry, and the one that did had a name that suited him.” He still underestimates Baldrick, saying in one of the very first few scenes, “Baldrick, if I had to choose between an incomprehensible sumo wrestler who throws an odd-smelling brown salt before every match, and you, I’d would start to learn how to eat four times a day and be Britain’s first Yokozuna.” And Baldrick is still Baldrick, now even more insane then before, even resorting to humour seen only in Japanese anime:

BlackAdder: What did you put in the suggestion box, Baldrick ?
Baldrick: A penny.
BlackAdder: (slowly) Why, did you put a coin, in the suggestion box ?
Baldrick: It’s like this you see. You know that all these people who read our suggestions, surely they must be the only job they have, and I was thinking that, since that’s their only job, I might leave something, like, what’s that word now, ah ! A bonus.
BlackAdder: Well Balders, if anyone had to eke out a living on just reading suggestion slips, I think something more then just 5 yen would make them happy.

But, before anyone dismisses this anime as being rather shallow, what with the giant robots, the

But, while the BlackAdder anime is a comedy, one must not forget that it has some various issues. Many young men will agonize and feel about how the young Blackadder is made to be the pawn of a war between great powers, as he ahs to pit the skills of his giant robot against other young men in their giant robots. We also feel for every one of Blackadder’s girls, who live in his house,a s they go through all sorts of things that many young men will point out as being unique and incredibly cute about them. The theme of youth is radily present in this rather youthful adaptation of the BlackAdder franchise, noting the newBlackAdder’s age, and in fact, it is the prime theme: almost every character in the anime is less than 24 yearsold, except Melchie who is now a whopping 100 years (he survived World War 1 through pioneering advances in cryogenics, Nan technology, chi power manipulation, meditation, fist massages, the powers of the north stars. The series will then get more complicated with the sudden mysterious appearance of postmodernist influences in an attempt to make the series sound more philosophical and complex,w ith BlackAdder being part of an instrumentality project, conspiracy theories on an unusual resonance, a town that cannot be escaped from the inside, and the fact that éclair Excellent’s uniform shows too much cleavage and has elaborate shoulder pads.

The characters of the new Blackadder go all out to please. Richard Curtis has really done it, working with veterans like Ken Ohsomuchtsu to produce the 31 girls in Blackadder’s apartment, as well as the joint work of Rikdo Fox and Lincoln Yoshito to make éclair Excellent, with her charcoal grey wings, and kawaii(cute) eyes, not too mention the mysterious girl that appears later in the series that is often considered to be ’wired’. Then, veteran fan girl Kenya Minekura has rewored Flashheart, from the stale and old playboy-wannabe to a proper Visual K rocker ‘Flash’, pronounced Frash-u, as he squares of with BlackAdder. And of course, the real highlight is BlackAdder, and Baldrick, unfazed and unchanged despite being made younger and now, animated.

Interestingly, the BlackAdder anime is the only anime where English is the main spoken language in both dubs.Yes, there is a Japanese original dub, and the English version released by the BBC, a joint production with GeneDV. However, both dubs feature Rowan Atkinson and that dude who played Baldrick speaking in their original voices and their original language, with proper spoken English, as the characters of BlackAdder, and Baldrick. Even BlackAdder’s Japanese nam, “Kurorochi” is pronounced in a manner that is clumsily said if spoken in English. The other characters, however, speak in Japanese, but thankfully, Richard Curtis made it such that both dubs were compatibe with each other, and in fact, watching the English dub is far more enjoyable then the original Japanese version. This is quite the irony because, even though the anime aired on 1st of April 2006 on TV Tokyu, to mixed review amongst TV critics, Japan came to fall in love with ’Brackradder’s Engrish”. The Japanese dub, however, has its highlights, featuring the voices of Yuuji Ueda, Yuuki Matsuda, Kotono Mitsuishi, Megumi Hayashibara, and more. Still the English dub features the voice work of John Cleese, Stephen Fry, Tara Charendoff, Larissa Walcott, J-Ray, Will Smith, Christian Bale and even, for just 5 seconds, Tom Hanks.


5 upon 5



Second Opinion:

Many anime people want to review blackadder, but not everyone had a chance to. Thay all, hwoever, ahd the same opinion.

This is their opinion

Pika pika !

Pikachu : Chu pi chu pi chu pi pi pi pika….

Black Shinobu !!

Shinobu: The sound, of hoofs beat cross the glade !

In the Wired !

Lain: Good folk, lock up your son and daughter !


Shinji: Beware the deadly flashing Blade

BlackAdder pwns j00.

Sanzo: Unless, you want to end up slaughtered…..

Fit of the rubber star

Luffy: Blackadder, Blackadder……

The deadly flashing eyes

Kenshin: He rides a pitch black steed….

What the....

Chihiro: BlackAdder, BlackAdder,

Momentary Life

Spike Spiegel: He’s very fair indeed !!

How British

Alucard: Black, his gloves of finest wool !

Check out my sword !

Inuyasha: Black, his codpiece made of metal

Osaka !

Osaka: His horse is blacker then a vole,

Hail BlackAdder

Excel: His pot is blacker then his kettle !




Secondary Notes

- There is an actual Poirot anime. Never mind this review. AN ACTUAL POIROT ANIME exists. Don’t believe anything else !!!!

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